• Climb Mama

    This is me, flush faced at the Santa Monica stairs yesterday. It was the first time I'd visited in probably six to nine months. So yes, if I [...]
  • Love Letter – 17 Months

    My sweet little buster Caid, It's love letter time... They are all in my head/heart and I know I won't remember all I feel. As real and ripe and [...]
  • 16 Month Love Letter

    You are crashing toward 17 months -- sometimes quite literally. You nourish me more than air. Today I watched you play in the mud at the park [...]
  • Random Acts of Braiding

    I was getting ready in the locker room today after teaching class, and this older (than me) woman walked directly toward me and my little corner [...]
  • Maeve-Like

    7 months postpartum. Been talking a lot about this lately... It's like one of those dreams you have between opening an eye at 6:48am, realizing [...]
  • Love Warp

    When I was pregnant, multiple people informed me I was going to fall in love with my baby. What they didn’t explain to me was that I was going to [...]
  • Zaftig

    Starting week two of working after baby. No tears (that I can remember, but baby brain is in full effect) and I am really quite happy to be back [...]
  • “First” Mother’s Day

    As the sun sets on my first mother's day, I share a few thoughts. This baby made me a mother, but mothering has always been in me. I don't [...]
  • Love Letter – 14 Weeks

    To my beautiful baby Caid: You are 14 weeks today. It's also my last week home with you before I resume working. While I'm excited to get back [...]
  • Love Story – 10 weeks

    I'm lying with you in bed. You're on my belly sideways, skin to skin, and you're asleep with your head in the crook of my arm. Currently, you [...]