16 Month Love Letter

You are crashing toward 17 months -- sometimes quite literally. You nourish me more than air. Today I watched you play in the mud at the park even though I said it wasn't a mud day. Ha! You win. You picked up and gave another little boy the shovel he dropped, even though you were using a busted-ass one (which I said in front of a gaggle of parents and children, oops). Two days ago at another park, you found the saddest three wheeled car to play with even though there were awesome dump trucks and bulldozers. I commented today -- with the half shovel play -- that I hoped these choices were indicative of how you'd be as an adult, taking on the broken, and quickly backpedaled thinking of relationships and career! But your wise uncle Greg said well what I meant (I paraphrase loosely): the pretty things are cool but don't always need your attention. But you, my angel, are the prettiest thing I've ever seen. On this 2019 summer solstice, I am thankful for some downtime to put down a few thoughts and more daylight hours to study this face. Curious, thoughtful, FUNNY, mischievous, loving and truly delicious. Love, Your mama

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