Random Acts of Braiding

I was getting ready in the locker room today after teaching class, and this older (than me) woman walked directly toward me and my little corner space. She was in just her undies, which is always awkward, and she said excuse me... I thought she wanted to use the magnifying mirror in my space so I smiled and moved a little to give her space to come in if she wanted. Instead she continued to look right at me and with a preemptive apology, she asked me if I would put her hair up. Her hair was about halfway down her back. I asked, just a ponytail? And she said no and kind of moved her hands side to side (ESL) and I exclaimed as if we were playing a raucous game of charades, ah! A braid! So with an attempt at tempering her expectations, I separated her wet hair into three sections, braided her up and put her hot pink hair tie on the bottom. She approved, turned and apologized for the fourth time for bothering me (to which of course said it was no bother) and then she asked me if she could give me a kiss. With a giggly yes, she kissed my cheek in the sweetest, most sincere way. 💗 I can't lie, I was so grateful she didn't hug me with her boobs out. 🤣 Why me? I have no idea. I work there but I've never seen her before so I don't think she knew that. She passed at least five people on her way to me. Am I especially approachable? Meh. Not really. I think she was sent as a lesson. I cannot ask for help, to a fault. My spirit animal is a turtle on its back. Something so simple as asking your sister for an assist with your hair is so far out of my box it was like she was dropped off from Mars, but I felt so much joy at her expression of gratitude, it was the highlight of my day. Enough to share it with you here! She probably had a frozen shoulder and couldn't do it herself, or wanted me to see her unusually young boobs (it's true), but I'm going to let it stand as a lesson in asking for help. Thoughts? Analysis? Similar experience of random braiding?

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