“First” Mother’s Day

As the sun sets on my first mother's day, I share a few thoughts. This baby made me a mother, but mothering has always been in me. I don't feel that different other than extreme gratitude and loving this little guy like mad. Oh and nursing on the fly. My sisters that feel alienated or sad by this day, I feel you. Remember you are powerful, often influencing and caring for other family members, friends' children, students, pets, coworkers, etc. You are the village! If you are hoping to be a mother, I pray you realize that dream. If you don't, know your importance isn't diminished. In my nieces words, "I hope you are enjoying your "first" Mother's Day... it really isn't considering how you have basically been like a mom to me :)" And scene... I am overwhelmed by the thoughtful sentiments (not just other parents either) and I feel like I've fallen incredibly short on acknowledging other first time moms over many years. From my family and friends to my students, to the neighbor's little girl who left a handwritten note with pics on my doorstep (‼️) -- your messages and cards truly warm me. Thank you for the love! I learned today that mother's day was enacted not just to recognize and honor the bond, but to recognize and call to action mothers as agents of change. That inspires me. 💞 ·

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