Love Letter – 17 Months

My sweet little buster Caid, It's love letter time... They are all in my head/heart and I know I won't remember all I feel. As real and ripe and intense as they currently exist, these moments get replaced with new ones. I lament the speed at which you grow, but watching it is the best storyline ever. You're almost 18 months old. You love flowers and we have to pick them everywhere we go. There's a particular bush with yellow flowers on the way home from the park (which you just said for the first time). You grunt and point at it and won't budge forward until I pick you one. Sorry neighbor. Other things you say, off the top of my head: hot (sounds like ought and you open and close your fingers meaning don't touch), socks, shirt, dog, duck, da, bubbles, banana, bath, ball, Liu Liu! Mama has become mommmm. All in the cutest little raspy voice. You're so good at sharing. I don't even know how you learned the concept or maybe it's innate to you. I'm sure you'll have your "mine" time later. You especially like to give all your things to pretty older girls. Literally empty your bag of tricks as an offering of adoration. Oh boy. You continue to excel physically and that's not part of my #whatsyourbabydoing tall tales. You have the cutest little baby muscles. Lats, traps, deltoids, quads and calves! You are really good on your scooter now. You go into down dog and pick up your leg for me to lift you into handstand. You kick, throw, shoot and just learned to catch a ball! You're funny and you have been working on your comedic timing -- you do or say something, pause, look sideways and then break into laughter. We do too. When you give me a kiss on the mouth, I die. It's usually followed up by a couple of smacks which you somehow think is affection. I don't think I'll miss that little ditty, but I will miss picking you up from your crib and the squeeze or "pat pat" you give me as you put your head on my shoulder. You make me feel very loved. You fulfill me so deeply, a greater sense of purpose is omnipresent. I can't speak for your daddy, but I have a very strong sense that he has his own love letters in his heart. All my love, Your Mama

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