7 months postpartum. Been talking a lot about this lately... It's like one of those dreams you have between opening an eye at 6:48am, realizing you have 12 minutes unti your 7am alarm so you quickly shut your eyes. In that 12 minutes, you experience that you can dream a lifetime. This 7 months has been chocolate cake rich, satisfying and full (I love chocolate cake) while simultaneously a mere snooze button of time. 🖤 At about 6 months I started to move physically with less thought and hesitation, and to be more Maeve-like. Whatever that is. I guess being able to hold a handstand for a few seconds and string together some push ups. 🖤 I think back to 6 weeks postpartum, I was in Hawaii, and I thought that was an extensive expanse of time and I felt an urgency to feel like me again post surgery. Instead, why do my hips still feel loose and achy, will this skin ever go back and what is this scar going to look like? Now I'm thinking daaammmmnnn mama, that was just 6 weeks after your little human was pulled from your belly and air breathing. So if I catch myself saying, it's been 7 months with some sort of expectation of anything, I remind myself that emotionally, it's a snooze button of time. (As well as, do your damn pushups.) 🖤 This is my story, it might not be yours or maybe you can relate in some way, and honestly, it doesn't matter! In my story, I'm even more Maeve-like after becoming a mother: stronger, kinder, funnier, more truthful. My 12 minute dreams are full of these things, and more. 🖤

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